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                                                                                   °1968, Mouscron

When Bernadette was a child, she used to play for hours in the 

"mudbox" under the old magnolia.

However she started her professional career as a physiotherapist and then, in her thirties, she became very keen to work with clay and started to train as a ceramist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leuven.

As an independant ceramist she divides her time between her own artistic work and the many courses for children and adults.

As for many ceramists I suppose, working with clay has over time become my anchor point and my source of calm. I build my pieces with the colombin technique, slowly ... each day a little higher.


The general shape appears pretty quickly, but I spend a lot of time finishing it, stretching the curves that intertwine, they move away and find each other again.


I never have a predefined plan when I start working, I just want to put the clay in motion, to make it dance. I choose to leave the clay bare, porous, vibrant...

Selections & Awards 

2020   15ème Salon de la Céramique Contemporaine de Normandie - France                  International Glass & Ceramic Biennial - Belgium

2017    International Ceramic Biennial - Belgium

2016    Céramique 14 - Paris – France

2015    Klei in Beweging – Jubileum wedstrijd – Haarlem – Netherlands  

            First prize

2014    The 10 th International Ceramics Competition - Mino – Japan    

            Mention honorable

2012    Biennale Internationale de Vallauris – France

2012    The IV postmodern Festival of Ceramics - Varazdin – Croatie

2011    International Triennal of Silicate arts – Kecskemet – Hungary

2011    7th International Biennal of Ceramics – Kapfenberg – Austria

2010    Mixed Media – Ceramics Plus – Westerwald – Germany 

Selections & Awards



2019   Galerie Theemaas- Rotterdam  (Pays Bas) 

           Beelden in Gees - Gees (Pays Bas)

           Kunstroute Leuven 


2018   Galerie Argile Libre - Paris (France) 

           Clays on wheel - Rijmenam 


2017​   International Keramiek Biennal - Haacht

           Clay expressions - Bierbeek 

           Kunstroute Leuven 

2016   Artceramliège - Liège

           Salon Céramique 14 - Paris (France)

2015   Fêtes de la Saint Martin - Tourinnes la Grosse

           Klei in beweging: Keramiekecentrum - Genk 

           Klei in beweging : Keramikos - Haarlem (Netherlands )

           Biennale de la Céramique d'Andenne

           Kunstroute Leuven 

2014   Kunst in het dorp - Oud Heverlee 

           The 10th International Ceramics Competition Mino (Japan)

           Kunstroute Leuven 

           Clay expression: De Borre - Bierbeek

2013   Beelden In Gees - Gees - (Netherlands )

           Plooi - Stedelijke Academie Leuven 

           De Hoorn - Leuven 

           Parcours d'artistes - Court Saint Etienne

2012   Fêtes de la Saint Martin - Tourinnes la Grosse 

           Kunst in het dorp - Oud Heverlee

           The IV International Festival of Postmoderm ceramics -

   Varazdin (Croatie ) 

           Biennale Internationale de Vallauris - Vallauris (France )

2011   Keramiek Biennale of Kapfenberg - Varazdin (Croatie)

           Fêtes de la St Martin - Tourinnes la Grosse

           7th International Biennale of Ceramics - Kapfenberg (Autriche ) 

           Promenade des artistes - Chastres 

           International Triennal of Silicate Arts - Kecskemet (Hongrie )

           Bertem Buiten Gewoon - Bertem

2010   Fêtes de la Saint Martin - Tourinnes la Grosse 

           Expo - Galerie Cypres - Leuven 

           Keramiek parcours - Leuven 

           Mixed Media - Ceramics plus - Westerwald (Germany)

           CEL - Kessel lo 

           Bertem Buiten Gewoon- Bertem

2009   Tourinnes-la-Grosse Fêtes de la Saint Martin

           Bruxelles Ceramic Event

           Stadskantoor - Leuven 

           Bertem Buiten Gewoon - Bertem

2008   Vrouwenkrachtdag - Provinciehuis - Leuven

           Exposition des lauréats de l’académie des Beaux-Arts de                       Leuven

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